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“It is my greatest hope that you walk away with a true knowingness that your loved ones are indeed still with you. Your loved ones will forever be at your side and I encourage you to open yourself to receiving the little hellos from heaven that surround you each and every day.”
~Elizabeth Picone

To get the absolute most out of your session, simply be open to receive the information that is presented to you and enjoy the process!  Know that in whatever way that life may find you, this experience has the potential to bring healing to your heart, offer clarity and peace, and ultimately fill your spirit with many blessings of joy, wonderment, and love.

As your session approaches, take comfort in knowing that the basis of my work is God centered and is intended to provide comfort to those struggling, and to inspire those hoping to strengthen their own spirituality and divine connection.  

Upon arriving at my office, you will enter a waiting area where you are welcomed to relax to soothing music. At your scheduled appointment time, I will greet you in the waiting area and show you to my office where the sessions are conducted. You will then be asked to sign a client information and consent form which explains my vow of confidentiality.

I will ask you to speak your name and birthday as it draws the energy that encircles you from the spirit world into the room and allows me the opportunity to begin to discern who I will be channeling during your session. I have found this to be the most effective way of gathering spirits as you are most likely the only individual alive who carries that particular name and birth date. This assures me that the spirits I bring through will be connected to you, and only you.

I will move into a brief period of relaxation to help bring you into a space of receiving. During this time, I will assist you in calling upon your loved ones in Spirit, your angels, and your spiritual guides. It’s important to know that just because you intend to hear from a specific individual, it does not guarantee that this is who you will connect with during your session. Ultimately, Spirit is in complete control of who comes through and what information is shared. In my many years of being a medium, I have learned to fully surrender and trust that the information presented will reflect and serve your highest and greatest good.  

With loving intention, I will offer a prayer of protection and immediately begin to share with you what energies have gathered in the room. The most common ways for the spirits to identify themselves is through what I call evidential information. It is information that you can validate and that will help you to know beyond any doubt, that what is being presented to you is indeed coming from a higher place. These are pieces of information about your family and circle of friends that will help you recognize what spirits you are connecting with. I consider evidential information to be names, significant dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, or transition dates, special references to shared memories or history, and other meaningful details which help to capture the true essence of the individual speaking from the spirit world. 

It is often that they will furnish me with initials, full names or nicknames that represent those that are visiting from the spirit. However, one common mistake people make while in my office is assuming that all of the names I give you only represent those who have passed on, and that is not always the case. The spirits will often acknowledge people who are still living and a part of your life as a way of offering love, extending the scope of your conversation, or validating that they are aware of ongoing situations and relationships in your life.

Sometimes, I will acknowledge their relationship to you and how you are related, be it as a husband, mother, friend, etc.  For example, if you are hoping to connect with your mother Jane, who died in February and her presence is strong, you may hear me say, “A female energy, a mother connection, with the initial “J”, with a b/day or passing in Feb/2”.  It is then up to you to acknowledge this connection and affirm that you understand the information being given. The synergy of spirit will move in a pattern between your guides, loved ones, and angels, through me to you and back to spirit; creating a flow of ongoing conversation with its own unique rhythm and grace. If you do not acknowledge the messages coming from your loved ones, you may inadvertently slow down the process and block the flow of energy from building.

The stronger the energy of the spirit coming through, the more validations you will receive, and the easier it will be for me to interpret the messages being shared. Oftentimes, the strongest energy will bring through several other spirits, but only the most dominant energy will actually sustain the entire session.

As the Spirit energy gathered begins to fade or pull away, our time together will draw to a close.  As this time approaches, I will ask you if there are any remaining questions before the energy dissipates.  I will often close the session with prayer, and acknowledge the spirits who have made their presence known. I hold deep appreciation and gratitude for the sweet spirits who make our time together possible.

Please remember that just because your session with me has ended, that your ability to communicate with your loved ones in the Spirit world has not. You can still nurture your relationship with them in Spirit, and continue to receive communication, even without the help of a medium.

As wonderful as it is to receive many profound validations during your session, it can be equally as exciting to receive them after your reading has ended.  While most people understand the majority, if not all, of the information given to them during a reading, there can sometimes be pieces of information that you might not be able to validate right away.

In this situation, it is best to trust the overall process and completely surrender to Spirit. By doing so, you will be in a space of allowing and give those previously unknown references a chance to naturally unfold, and become powerful validations of love and support.

Many clients hold on to the notes from their sessions for weeks, months, and even years, only to find the parts of their reading that they originally didn’t understand, or couldn’t validate, begin to take shape over time. It is as if the notes become a road map to life and with passing time, new insight is gained and the validations suddenly become very loud and clear.  I have been blessed with a beautiful collection of stories from previous clients about the many ways in which they have received validations from their loved ones long after our time together ended.

As mentioned, I will provide notes from your session as a gift to you.  I handwrite all information that I receive from the spirit world and allow you to keep these notes as a way to help you remember the details of your session. It is helpful to have as a reference, the many details that are shared because oftentimes there is such overwhelming emotion, that it is difficult to retain all the significant information that fills a session. It is typical to receive up to 20 pages of notes, all of which are directly quoted from the spirit world. Please note that while in the state of channeling, it is impossible for me to write every single word, or to worry about grammar, spelling, etc. I do my absolute best to transcribe the messages in their purest form and provide you with a lasting expression of love from the spirit realm.