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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are
tiny matters compared to what lies within us”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have always known that I was blessed to communicate with the spirit world, although it wasn’t until I was 22 years old that I truly surrendered to my gift.  As unexciting and normal as it sounds, I didn’t walk around seeing spirits as a child. My gift of hearing the Spirit world gently unfolded over time, weaving a beautiful tapestry of many different and profound spiritual experiences together throughout my life.

Looking back now, I realize that I have always felt a deep connection to the unseen and it was as a small child that I began to converse with a power much greater than myself. For as long as I can remember, I would often communicate with GOD and my angels, always with the intention of bringing healing to those around me. Each night before I drifted off to sleep, my faithful prayer as a little girl, was that GOD would magically make me an angel. It wasn’t until I began my spiritual studies that I learned that the English word Angel, means “messenger” in Latin. So, in truth my ardent prayer as a child had been realized, and the universe fulfilled my deepest wish that I would indeed become a “messenger”.

In my earlier years, I enjoyed exploring my spirituality by experimenting with the Angel Board, practicing automatic writing, and inventing spiritual games that I made up as an adolescent. For months, not a day passed that I did not dedicate myself to checking in with my spiritual guides.

The spirits that I encountered on the other side became like family to me, and I felt deeply enchanted with the process of learning how to evoke them in new and exciting ways. I soon realized that I no longer needed tools outside myself to communicate with them, and I began to speak to the spirits by using my own thoughts, through the power of my intention. I tested this process in several ways, and would casually ask them to help in my daily life. My relationship with Spirit was very playful and fun, but also grew into being a very important part of my young life.

As I matured, I began to focus my energy and attention on deeper ways of expressing my spirituality. I was blessed to be surrounded with a library full of books, and at 14, I became a student of Florence Schinns 1929 famous work, “The Game of Life, and How to Play It”. I was so hungry for the knowledge, depth, and wisdom that only the inner journey can bring that I filled my days with spiritual books, meditation tapes, and other means of creative expression.

As I entered college, my interest focused on my love of dance, writing, and psychology. My intuitive gifts were again beginning to expand and I felt increasingly drawn to study dance as a means of therapy. However, fate intervened and I landed in journalism/communication. Looking back, it seems like a cosmic joke that a medium like myself would hold a degree in communication. Little did I know who I’d be communicating with!

Just before my graduation from college, in my 22nd year of life, I experienced a profound spiritual shift that propelled me deeper into my quest of exploring the nature of my spiritual gifts. My beloved uncle, with whom I was very close, became terminally ill and shared the remaining months of his life in my father’s home. It made me incredibly sad to see a man who was once so full of life fall into a place of such suffering and pain. It was an emotional time for everyone who loved him as we witnessed his physical body beginning to fade.

It was through my sincere effort to find ways to fill my uncle’s last months of life with love, comfort, and a lasting sense of peace, that I was led to discover my calling. I quickly became a sponge, absorbing all the information I could find on the transition of “death”, the process of dying, and of course, the after-life. Reaching deep within myself, I began to ask the bigger questions of life and about the mysteries of death. Most importantly, I wanted to know, “Why GOD put me on this earth, his purpose for my life, and how I could be of service to those who were suffering?”

It pained me to see the agony in my dear Uncle Jimmy’s eyes as he grew so frail, and barley had the energy to speak. I felt angels in his room (ironically the same room that served as my nursery when I was an infant) and I knew that his time was drawing near. In my heart, I yearned to know WHEN he would let go so that I could somehow better prepare myself for the inevitable.

During this time, I resumed a daily meditation practice and began keeping a dream journal. I posed the question to GOD, “When will my dear Uncle Jimmy depart this world?”

The answer was very clear as I awoke from my meditative state, and felt the words, “Thursday, 4:22” engraved in my heart, that this would be the time that the angels would call him home.

I shared the information with my husband and a few others in my family and then tried to let the thought go. I cherished each and every moment as I held my uncles hand, gently whispering to him all that awaited him in the spirit world.

About a week passed, and I found myself sitting in a dark classroom with my professor’s power point presentation staring back at me. Suddenly, an overwhelming and unusual energy began to wash over me. In the pit of my stomach, I felt a very distinct feeling of urgency. I knew that my Uncle was about to transition, and that I had to leave at once. I immediately gathered my belongings and bolted for the door at the back of the room as my professor called out my name. Unable to ignore this feeling in my gut, I mustered the courage to leave despite my professors persistent protests.

I found comfort under a canopy of beautiful oak trees, where I communed with my angels, and began to pray. My husband later found me, and as he approached asked why I looked so sad. In that moment, I crumbled. Deep within my heart, I knew that the sadness I felt signaled something much deeper than I had the words to express.

Through my tears, I spoke of my need to be close to my uncle, right then in that very moment.  As we stood there, in the center of my college campus with our hands held tightly, I began to sob. I wished for one last opportunity to say goodbye, and my heart ached knowing that there would be no such chance (at least not in the physical world).  I continued reciting; “I need to be there” as I cried, and no sooner had the words left my lips that my cell phone rang. It was my cousin on the other end, and in a trembling voice he said, “Elizabeth, he has just taken his last breath”. Chills traveled up and down my spine as I realized the time.

It was in that life defining moment, at exactly 4:22, (the very time that my angels had shown me) on a dreary Thursday afternoon, in the 21st of October, 1999 that my life profoundly shifted, and my fate was sealed.

I’m honored to say that my uncle, whose life seemed all too short, became one of my greatest spiritual teachers. His wise, witty, and caring soul gifted me with many colorful lessons on both sides of life that ultimately prepared me for my work in the world.

It is not only with his physical presence in my life, but also with his presence in “death” which has taught me in ways beyond what I could have ever dreamed possible.

That cold fall day was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Since my connection to the spirit world had been validated in such a loud and specific way, there was no chance of my ever denying the gift that was unfolding before me.

In the days and weeks following my uncle’s death, I made a conscious effort to dedicate myself to learn, practice, and share my intuitive gifts with the world. I was guided by numerous teachers and spiritual mentors along the way that have proven to be instrumental in helping me to hone my abilities. In 2000, I completed the Angel Therapy Practitioner Course®, led by Dr. Doreen Virtue which is how I chose to honor my uncle, and celebrate my college graduation.

Upon returning to Houston, I immediately established a healing practice, and began to offer my services to grieving parents and others in the community. In the time since I first began giving angel readings out of my tiny living room, my clientele has grown exclusively by word of mouth and my practice has taken on a life of its own.

It truly makes my heart swell with gratitude for all that the universe has done to fully support me, and my intention of being of service as a medium.  I have been blessed every step of the way while opening up to my spiritual gifts, and will be forever thankful for the love, comfort and support that I continue to receive from the spirit world.