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Is there anything I can do to prepare for my session?
Can I ask questions during the session?
Are telephone readings as effective as an in person reading?
Will my angels, loved ones, or guides bring me information that may frighten me or scare me?
Can I invite someone to sit in on my session?
How long should I wait before visiting a medium after my loved one has passed?
How long should I wait between appointments?
What if there is no one in particular that I would like to connect with in the Spirit world, but still want to visit with you?
What is Angel Therapy®?
Is there an appropriate age one must be to participate in this kind of therapy?
What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?
How does the process of mediumship work?
What if I am a skeptic about the process of mediumship?

1. Is there anything I can do to prepare for my session?

Upon setting your appointment, it is important for you to consider your intentions for our time together. Whether you hope to connect with a loved one or  wish to receive helpful information and guidance from your guardian angels and spiritual guides, your intentions will help to guide your session.

If your intention is to connect with a loved one on the other side, it can be beneficial to think of them in the Spirit world and extend a loving invitation to each person in Spirit, who you are hoping to hear from. They will receive these loving thoughts and intentions and in return, try to make their presence known.

Once we begin the session, Spirit is in complete control of the process and will ultimately determine who will visit during your reading and even what information/validations will be shared. Even though sending out prayers and kind thoughts to your loved ones increases your chances of hearing from them, it does not guarantee their presence during a reading.

If you are seeking to explore your relationship with your angels and guides, you may wish to make a mental list of things you are curious about to help organize your thoughts. The angelic energy that surrounds you will respond to your thoughts and respond to the mental requests you have made, so long as it is in alignment to serve your highest and greatest good.

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2. Can I ask questions during the session?
Absolutely, although there is typically not a need to ask questions during your reading because Spirit already knows the issues weighing most heavily on your heart, and WITHOUT you having to voice your concerns. At the end of most sessions, I will tell you when the energy begins to fade or pull away and ask if there is anything the Spirit energy can clarify for you before we close the session with prayer.

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3. Are telephone readings as effective as an in person reading?
Telephone readings are just as effective as sessions that are conducted in person. The energy of Spirit is omnipresent and has no limitations of time or space. The messages that come through during a session will not be affected by the distance. For years, I have had many devoted clients from abroad, whose only possible method of meeting was by phone.

If you prefer to travel to Texas to receive a reading in person or have relatives or friends who would like to visit with me while in town, please call to schedule an appointment at least 3 weeks ahead of your planned visit in order to increase your chances of getting an appointment while in Houston.

Again, it is a personal preference whether or not you  wish to receive your reading by telephone, or by an in-person appointment. Your presence, either in person or by phone, will in no way effect the accuracy of your reading.

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4. Will my angels, loved ones, or guides bring me information that may frighten me, or scare me?
Our session of Spirit communication will not be frightening or scary in anyway. Unfortunately, many people have been taught to believe that the process of mediumship is something to be feared. In actuality, the process will relieve fear and anxiety by offering you great insight and guidance in different areas of your life.

The main purpose of Spirit communication is to reassure you that your loved ones are, in fact, still with you; albeit in another dimension, and to offer you a sense of closure after their transition. The energy that surrounds you in the Spirit world, does not wish to cause you worry or harm, as they only make their presence known with the sincere intention of offering healing, reassurance, and peace.

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5. Can I invite someone to sit in on my session?
Individual sessions are best conducted on a one to one basis; however, if you wish to include someone who is a direct relative to sit in with you during your session, you may do so for an additional sitting fee of $75. Please be aware that sensitive issues may sometimes arise and thus, intimate details of your personal life maybe discussed. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to be completely comfortable with any person you wish to include.

By inviting someone to sit in on your session, you must also be aware that they too may receive messages from the Spirits gathered, even if the reading is intended for you.

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6. How long should I wait before visiting a medium after my loved one has passed?
There is no set amount of time that one should wait before consulting a medium. In some cases, I have experienced requests to bring through the spirits of loved ones for families in the hours, days and weeks after a loved one’s passing. On the other hand, some people choose to wait years to re-connect with their loved ones in the Spirit world. It is a personal choice which should be reached by trusting your own inner guidance to know when the time is right for you. Regardless of when one might choose to reunite with their departed loved ones, it is important to allow ample time to move through the natural stages of grieving and to understand that while mediumship helps to facilitate the process, it doesn’t replace it.

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7. How long should I wait between appointments?

As a responsible medium I will never encourage a client to become dependent upon my services. It is my wish that you allow sufficient time between appointments for your own unique connection to the Spirit world to deepen and unfold.

In truth, all of the wisdom and answers you seek already lie within you. My intention as a Spirit messenger is to simply help you to recognize this connection, help you to find the courage to HONOR it, and then LIVE it, while offering loving words of encouragement along the way. The key to not becoming dependent on an outside source for your validation and connection to the Spirit world is learning how to trust YOURSELF in the process of reaching out to your loved ones, angels, and Spirit guides.  

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8. What if there is no one in particular that I would like to connect with in the Spirit world, but still want to visit with you?
A session of Spirit communication can be helpful to those who wish to experience an introduction to their heavenly team of support, otherwise known as your guardian angels and Spirit guides.   Even without wanting to connect with a deceased loved one, you may still wish to visit with a medium to find comfort in receiving insight from the other Spirit beings that love and protect you.

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9. What is Angel Therapy®?
Angel Therapy® is a non-denominational healing approach which involves working with the angelic realm to bring a greater sense of awareness, peace, and love into the lives of those who wish to experience more of those qualities.  The process known as Angel Therapy® was developed by the well known author, and speaker, Dr. Doreen Virtue who holds a B.A., M.A., and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology, and who has published more than 20 books relating to angels, indigo children, and other mind-body-spirit issues.

Participation in an Angel Therapy session helps many people to overcome mental blocks, conquer addictions, release fears, or heal wounds of the past. By receiving divinely inspired messages of support and guidance many experience a profound sense of hope from the realization that a higher force and presence is at work in our lives.

I am pleased to have been among the first practitioners of Angel Therapy in Houston, Texas since the year 2000. I am also honored to have my work supported by a diverse community of licensed psychotherapists and other mental health professionals who often refer their clients for a meeting with me, to compliment the formal process of psychotherapy, or grief counseling.

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10. Is there an appropriate age one must be to participate in this kind of therapy?
No, there is not any limitation of age for someone hoping to experience a session with me. For a younger client, it is at the discretion of a parent to determine whether or not a child is ready to participate in a session of mediumship. From my work with children, I have learned that mediumship can be especially helpful for young children healing from the wounds of losing a parent at an early age, or even for those who have suffered the unfortunate loss of a sibling.

Another common reason that some parents consider having their child meet with me is because they feel their child may hold a special relationship with those in the Spirit world, such as their departed loved ones or guardian angels. Parents may sometimes find themselves unsure of how to best guide a child who displays an obvious connection to the Spirit world or displays gifts of a psychic nature.

At the other end of life, comes the question of whether or not one might be too advanced, or too close to death to experience a session of this kind.  I am very privileged and honored to have offered comfort to many people prior to their passing in order to help them prepare for their transition. In offering support from the spiritual realm for those approaching the final stages of life, tremendous healing can be seen as the souls who gather in the hereafter make an effort to validate the world that awaits. The result is often a powerful realization of love and a continuance of energy in a world which exists beyond the end of our physical life.

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11.What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?
Being a medium is often referred to as a specialized form of being “psychic”. The difference between a psychic and a medium can best be understood by using an analogy of a doctor and surgeon. While all mediums are psychic, not all psychics are mediums. Just as all surgeons are doctors, but not all doctors are surgeons.

While psychic’s focus on reading the life energy of someone to bring through information regarding their past, present and future, a medium focuses their attention on connecting with energy or beings from the Spirit world in order to relay validating messages to provide a connection to the souls in the after-life.

By nature of being a medium, one is “psychic” but I don’t intentionally spend my energy predicting the outcome of future events. I feel that helping people reunite with their loved ones is much more healing and useful and I often try to discourage people from relying on my psychic insight during readings. I strongly prefer to lend my voice to the Spirit world to be used by the departed souls who wish to make amends with their loved ones or bring healing to those they leave behind.

Thus, I am primarily known for my work as a medium, not as a psychic. If you are hoping to meet with someone who conducts readings strictly with the intention to share psychic information, a session with me may not be what you are looking for.

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12. How does the process of mediumship work?
In general, the process of mediumship exists as an exchange of energy. A medium is someone who has dedicated themselves to being an instrument, or clear channel for Spirit energy to flow. As human beings, our collection of thoughts, feelings, frequencies and vibrations represent our natural field of energy. By nature, our vibration is much lower than that of Spirit, as we live in a very dense, third dimensional world which translates to a very slow vibrational energy, with very low frequency.  On the contrary, the world of Spirit exists in a completely different dimension, one that carries a much faster vibration, and higher frequency.

In order for these two worlds to meet, the Spirit world aims to lower their vibration, while a medium focuses on raising theirs. As they meet somewhere in the middle, the result is an exchange of energy which allows for messages to be delivered between the two dimensions. It takes immense spiritual, mental, and physical discipline and dedication for a person to raise their vibrational energy enough over time, to truly honor and sustain the calling to become a Spirit messenger for others.  It is with a tremendous amount of energy shared on both sides of life that allows us to accomplish this effort of love, and to successfully pierce the veil that seemingly separates the two worlds.

It has been described that the amount of energy it takes for Spirit beings to lower their vibration and communicate with us, would be equivalent to the energy a human being would have to exert to dive to the depths of the ocean’s floor, only to whisper a few quick words, before having to swim all the way back to the surface of the water to catch a much needed breath. Then, once again turning around to swim all the way back down to the depth of sea, to whisper a mere few more words. With that understanding, it becomes glaringly clear as to why sitting with a medium is by no means like picking up a phone, and dialing direct to heaven.

With a clear intention to being open to receive messages, patience, and a willingness to learn  ,many people experience a strong connection to their loved ones in the Spirit world. Receiving signs of communication without boundaries is a loving process that welcomes people from all religious backgrounds and beliefs.

Your loved ones eagerly await the chance to send you validations of the love they still hold for you, and everyday affords you an opportunity to connect with them in Spirit, and to receive messages from beyond the veil.

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13. What if I am a skeptic about the process of mediumship?
It is healthy to have a certain level of skepticism when approaching the subject of mediumship and the psychic arts. Unfortunately, not all mediums or Spirit messengers display equal ethical or moral standards and it’s important to be discerning when choosing a medium. As in many professions, there are people who exhibit exceptionally high standards, while others fall desperately short.

While it is important to be discerning, please remember to keep an open mind and heart, so that the process of mediumship is not blocked by an overwhelming sense of fear, doubt, or anxiety. Most of the time, those who enter a session with limited beliefs of the soul’s survival in the after-life, leave with a newfound appreciation for the presence of Spirit in our daily lives and become believers in what they once questioned was possible.

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